Championtitels :

Luxembourg Champion

Belgium Champion

German Club Champion

German VDH Champion

Dutch Champion

International Champion

Dutch Junior Champion

Belgium Junior Champion

Luxembourg Junior Champion

Benelux Junior Winner

German Club Youth Champion

German VDH Champion

Showtitels :

Hop King '17

King of The Ring '16



Best in Show placements :

4th Best in show in Mechelen '19(B)

BIS clubshow Volkerinckhove '18 (F)

5th Best in Show in Weelde '18 (B)

4th Best in Show in Mechelen '17 (B)

3th Best in show in Arnhem '17 (NL)

4th Best in show in Uden '16 (NL)

3th Best in Show in Lommel'16 (B)

5th Best Junior in Show Kortrijk

3th Best Puppy in Show Arnhem

3th Best Puppy in Show- Antwerpen

Group placements :

3th Best in Group in Mechelen '19 '(day2)

Best in group Mechelen'19 (day1)

2th Best in Group Lommel '19

2th Best in group Gent '19

2th Best in Group Brussel'18 (B)

2th Best in Group Kortrijk '18 (B)

Best in Group in Wieze '18 (B)

Best in Group Weelde '18 (B)

2th Best in Group Leuven ' 17 (B)

Best in Group  Mechelen '17 (B)

2th Best in Group Lommel '17(B)

4th Best in Group Arnhem '17 (NL)

4th Best in Group Leiden Rijnland '17 (NL)

2th Best on Group Mechelen '16 (B)

Best in Group in Uden '16 (NL)

Best in Group in Lommel '16 (B)

2th Best in Group Antwerpen'16 (B)

3th Best in Group in Kassel '15(D)

Best of Breeds

BOB Brussel'19

BOB dogachtigen'19


BOB Luxembourg '19

BOB Mechelen '19 day 1

BOB Mechelen '19 day2

BOB- Luik'19

BOB Lommel'19

BOB-Gent '19 day1

BOB Gent '19 day 2

BOB Antwerpen '19

BOB Genk'19

BOB Brussel 9dec 2018

BOB Brussel 8 dec.2018

BOB Kortrijk '18

BOB Charleroi '18

BOB Luik '18

BOB Lommel '18

BOB Wieze '18

BOB Rijnland '18

BOB Gent '18

BOB Mouscron'18

BOB Weelde '18

BOB Brussel '17

 BOB Bleiswijk'17

BOB Leuven'17

BOB Luxemburg '17

BOB Mechelen 19aug '17

BOB Mechelen 18 aug.'17

BOB Lommel '17

BOB Arnhem '17

BOB Wieze '17

BOB Leiden '17

BOB Peterborough '17 (UK)

BOB Charleroi '16

BOB Mechelen '16

BOB Uden '16

BOB Lommel '16

BOB Antwerpen'16

BOB Kassel '15