Judge : Roobrouck Carine


As from a child I was fascinated by animals and special in dogs. When I was a child we always had Dwergpinchers in the house and I got my own dog when I was 14y old , a cocker spaniel.

A few years later I met my husband and we decided to get our first dog, a Rotweiler. After him followed our first leo and in the mean time we are quite some years further and we got the showmicrobe. My intrest growed and growed and I dived into books again to pass my exam of Kynology of the dog.

After that I passed my test for my own race Leonberger and my internship as a Judge.

Since september 2016 I am an official FCI Judge and in the future I will pass some other tests for other races.


I was judging in the follow conutry's : Belgium , Netherland , Germany , Hungary , France , Ireland , Estonia ,Austria


I am a F.C.I. approved show dog judge for the following breeds:


Group 2


*Bernese Mountain Dog

*Great Swiss Mountain Dog


*Pyrenean Moutain dog

*Saint Bernard Long and Short hair


*Great Dane




*Cane Corso


*Miniature Schnauzer

*Giant Schnauzer


Group 10

*Irish Wolfshound